Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Harold and Maude and Me in the True Self Mirror

That's "Harold & Maude in the True Self" mirror in the picture. It's a bead from last fall, but it's one of my favorites so I chose it to accompany my first post here in the Beadmakers' Blog Ring. I figure it's a fitting choice, since I'll try to tell you a little bit about me today.

I've been blogging away since last fall, alternating between writing on the front page of my website ( and writing a blog on Yahoo that would be archived ( Usually, I'm telling stories that go along with the bead for the day, either stories about the theme or stories about my kids and family that somehow relate to the bead. I do love to write, so I can wrestle connections between almost any piece of glass and something else in my life! That's just what happens when you have a big mouth, a glass obsession, a funny family, and adorable children-- lots of subject matter for a journal.

Okay, here's the goods on AngelinaBeadalina: 41 year old wife and stay at home mom; grew up in Kentucky, still have family there; live next to an endless cornfield in southern Illinois (seriously, this is the flatlands; from here, we can see two different water towers from towns five miles away!); I graduated from Murray State University in 1988, with that ever-useful bachelor's degree in Psychology; I still like to listen to the country music I heard as I was growing up (how can you beat Johnny Cash's voice? or Bobby Bare's words? or, oh, heck, we'll just talk about it one day here in the blog : ) ); I started lampworking in February/March of 2006 (got my workspace setup in February, but got to start staying home with the kids in March so that's when I really got more time to play!); I melt glass with a Nortel Minor Burner hooked up to a used oxygen concentrator that surely must not have provided much oxygen to its medical customer because the thing sucks; oh, well, the thing about the sucky concentrator is that I still love to crank up the flame and work big and very hot, so I get some gorgeous reductions happening!; I've just ordered some clay to play with, and hopefully, there will be some of that to show you coming soon, just don't laugh too hard, okay?

Well, I'm guessing that ought to be enough to get started for the day. Hmmm, maybe I better put you another pic or two on here. . . yep, here are some of my masks. Well, shoot! I got them all mixed up, so you get to look at Harold & Maude twice. Hey, that's just something else you might as well know about me-- if there's anything remotely technical involved, chances are I'll try to do it but will screw it up somehow! Thanks for visiting, though, and I'll do better with the pics tomorrow! Peace, Ang

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