Friday, March 23, 2007

Kuan Yin, Bless This Mother, Too. . . Wouldjaplease?

Ever heard of Kuan Yin? She's a Chinese goddess and Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion. She was so pure, had so much knowledge, showed so much compassion that she reached the final stage of enlightenment. Instead of escaping the wheel of existence, though, she heard the cries of those around her and remained on earth to help them. She is prayed to by young couples wanting children, by mothers wanting well-being for their children, and even by prisoners hoping to be released from their shackles.

One of the stories goes that she was a virgin who refused to marry. Still, she sounds like a mom to me! Moms look around every time they hear a voice utter "help". Doesn't matter whether or not that voice sounds familiar. It doesn't have to be your own child, doesn't even have to be someone young enough to be your child. For this, I am thankful. Just reading about her made me thankful for my own mom, as well as all the moms in this world who have held out their hand along the way.

Now, Kuan Yin, as long as you're extending your blessings to all who ask, can I be on your list, too? Bring well-being for my children. I was all ready to get cheeky and ask you for a bit of peace and quiet, make a joke or two about moms sometimes being prisoners of the daily "raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken" routine, and then I looked at a picture of your statue. Such a serene face, such peace and goodness. Kuan Yin, thank you for the reminder (from across the world, from another time) that to be a mother is to be blessed.

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