Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sound of Music Ringing in My Ears. . .

First things first. The bead in the pic on the left goes with t0day's title because I was thinking of Maria singing on the hillside in "The Sound of Music" when I made it. That brought up a bunch of memories. The other pic is of me, about 6 years old, happily posing in my multi-colored striped shirt and wearing a patchwork skirt with a different set of multi- colors! Yesterday, I decided to spend the day imagining what people looked like as kids. I called it an experiment in kindness, because how could you possibly do that and not be nice to someone at the same time? Well, it was fun! I don't know how much kindness it spread, but it did spread some happiness along the way. I told ya I'd let ya know how it went. . . I highly recommend trying the same thing yourself. You'll have a blast, especially if you can talk people into showing you a pic of themselves when they were children. You just might learn something about their personality, too! See how brightly mismatched my style was at 6 years old? Now, is there any wonder that I grew up to favor plain white shirts and jeans/khakis??

Now, for the bead and "The Sound of Music". During college, I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken during the summers. You know what? I never did get tired of chicken, like most people would expect. Worse! I'd go back down to Murray State University, craving an Original Recipe white meat dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, and cole slaw. . . only to find that the franchise down there had a different recipe for their cole slaw. How could they do that to me?? Hmm, what else comes to mind when I think of Kentucky Fried Chicken? Oh, yeah, supposedly, my Grandma went on a date with the Colonel (yep, he was a real person) after she was widowed. Well, she remarried, and I quite liked Grandpa since I'd never known Granddaddy Greer. . . but can you imagine the family reunions in a family like that? No need to stop by the local KFC to grab a bucket of chicken to go with your aunt's potato salad, because you'd know the Colonel would be bringing the chicken :) Another memory? One of those summers, I worked KFC in the evening and babysat my younger cousins during the day. I'd go into town to the KFC late in the afternoon, wearing that icky brown polester uniform. I'd work the cash register, take orders with a courteous smile, do dining room cleanup, pack orders, you know the drill. Then, at closing time, I'd hope for leftover chicken to take with me to Uncle Ralph and Aunt Carol's. We'd snack on chicken and chat for a while. Next morning, they'd leave and I'd be in charge of the kiddos. Tasha liked to sleep relatively late, compared to her little brother. Bobby liked to greet each new day with a rousing performance of "The Sound of Music" courtesy of a VCR that never did break down that entire summer. Did I mention he liked his Julie Andrews fix at about 6:30 in the morning?? Lovely woman, lovely voice, lovely movie, and now that almost twenty year have gone by, I can say those things. All that came to mind then, well, let's just say each mornings' thoughts involved some sort of catastrophe which would miraculously destroy that one videotape and leave the rest of the house unscathed. So, can you imagine my surprise and slight irritation when Julie Andrew's image started popping up in my mind while I was torching the dress part of this bead? For some reason, the swirling turquoise skirt brought to mind Maria singing and swirling around the hillside and singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music". That song ran through my head the rest of the torching session, so to my "little" cousin Bobby I say, "Thank you, and I do hope your dear infant daughter soon gets big enough to pop in her favorite annoying DVD and play it for you each morning." I said that with a smile, Bob, a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly big smile! Peace, Ang

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