Thursday, March 22, 2007

Superman and the Aztecs

Well, let me just say it's a two cup morning, at least as far as being able to write anything coherent or vaguely entertaining! I keep getting thrown off by the different setup here on blogspot. Not anything bad, just that I was more used to my yahoo setup than I thought. Ah, aren't we creatures of habit, even if we don't want to admit it? So, here I sit at the computer again, that second cup of coffee safely ensconced within arms' reach but not perilously close to the keyboard. . . and here's what I've been thinking about but not successfully putting into words. I just figured it out. Too many different trains of thought, no wonder it wasn't coming together smoothly. Ah, by the way, Starbuck's whole bean coffee-- try the Gold Coast Blend. When they say "extra bold", they mean it :)

First thing on my mind: The way my kiddos absorb so much from so many sources, put it all in their brains, mix it up, and come up with connections! James loves to watch t.v., but it's funny how he still puts his own spin on creations. And, contrary to what you always fear as a mom, the t.v. hasn't turned his mind to mush. Instead, I think it makes him ponder things and do some thinking of his own. He's the one who started the "Why Doesn't God Just Use Superman's Xray Vision?" conversation this morning. Oh, yeah, at least I'd already had that first cup of coffee! He was wondering about God, whether he's like Santa Claus, how he sees everything, etc. When I explained that God is God and can create whatever powers he might like, even superpowers, you could practically see the lightbulb turn on! "So, he doesn't have to borrow Superman's powers, he can just make his own xray vision, right??"

Another thing on my mind: The way the kiddos just assume Mommy is going to be learning about other cultures, reading books, making strange but cool things in glass. They just join right in, and it amazes me all the things they notice. So, see, it really is never too early to start learning ;) Katie has done this plenty of time before, but it still makes me beam when she studies alongside me. We've been looking at library books and writing at night, just a little quiet time before lights out. Kate has been looking over my shoulder, sketching from the same pictures I'm looking at, noticing so many details. That's her second Quetzalcoatl mask picture that she's holding. You should see the illustrations in the book I've been reading about Central and South American warriors and myths, so full of bright and bold and fanciful creations! She's noticed the combination of feathers and fire and mask in a particular picture of Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Serpent), and she just amazes me the way she can capture the "feel" of it with her markers. I think I'm proud and a wee bit jealous, too. It took me years to understand that you get the most striking results when you extract the important parts of an idea and go from there!

Oh, my, enough musings. Coffee cup is empty. (I know, I'm weird about the coffee. Just a double shot of espresso with some sugar, barely fills the bottom of a cup, but I can nurse it along for half an hour. . . ) I'm so excited about another mask I took out of the kiln this morning! Really wan to try some clay again today, make a display for the mask. Yesterday's was so-so. Really cool design, but it wasn't built right. Okay, yep, that's what I'm gonna go work on! See ya tomorrow! Peace, Ang

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