Saturday, March 24, 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Mouses??

Thought you'd heard it all, didn't ya? Well, come stay with the Garren's for a while, and you just might hear a few sayings. . . There's still water standing outside here in the flatlands, so the kids have been happily playing their characters (James and Kate's name for any stuffed animals like Pooh or Mickey or the Care Bears). Mickey and Minnie and Goofy and Pluto took their cardboard shoebox to the drive-in today! Well, you know, the television screen probably does look massive if you're less than a foot tall. James just discovered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I'm supposed to be hurrying with this blog entry because "I need to go to, Mom." Hey, don't click on that link-- I really don't know if the turtles even have a website, although who doesn't these days? Anyway, when you play characters and "talk" them, they have to do things in character. Mickey Mouse is now jumping around my house, wearing a paper mask and yelling "Teenage Mutant Ninja Mouses!" Minnie just donned her mask and joined him. Alas, though, poor Minnie still has some work to do before Mickey will accept her as T.M.N.M. James is currently giving Kate instructions on how to prepare Minnie to "do battle stuff."

Well, since I'm supposed to be hurrying, and since it's kind of hard to concentrate and eavesdrop on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Mouses at the same time, Ciao for Now! Peace, Ang

P.S. The willow tree in the pic grows between our driveway and the neighbor's corn field. It's looking so pretty these days, with all those wispy pale baby leaves exploding from the branches. Oh, I do love a willow tree! I hope our landlord doesn't decide to get rid of it since it takes a beating during the winter, as you can probably tell from the shape. Some people don't like willows, but I like them. Well, let me re-phrase that. I've always liked them except when I misbehaved as a kid and was told to go get my mom a switch. . . better hope there aren't any willows close by at a time like that :) Actually, I don't really remember any of the whippings I got-- what sticks in my mind is all the times I didn't get a whipping because I decided to shape up instead of facing the alternative :)

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