Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tulip Time

So, you know, I just might have to come back and edit this picture from large down to small, but WOW, I do love it. We have all of three tulips blooming outside the living room window. That's okay, I'm not good at keeping plants alive, so 3 is actually three more tulips than I'd expect to see! All three of them are this beautiful yellow, and that speck of red is the only one I noticed.

I decided to make some bright beads yesterday. No sculpting, just lots of stringer decoration. Well, one face did nudge its way onto a really cool coral bead with red and orange melted in stringer. I might show it to ya later on this week. I have to admit that I don't even buy clear glass anymore because I don't like to encase things, but I decided to encase those beads yesterday. Used a piece of Moretti clear, which happens to like to turn out scummy. I even etched them, but you can still see the scummy spots. The encasing itself wasn't too bad, considering I haven't done any of that for months :) Got lots of ideas for more bright beads, but only made three more beads today. Better get on to bed now, talk to ya soon! Peace, Ang

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