Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You Can See Through My Favorite Shirt!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the evidence. Sorry, but since I did say "gentlemen," there will be no photos of me wearing the darn thing. Do you believe that? That's not just one layer you are looking through, that's the front and the back of the shirt held up to the early morning light on the shaded side of the house! Good grief! Now, of course, I know that some of my favorite shirts are old and need to be recycled as dustrags. **Big Sigh** But they are the most comfortable t-shirts in my closet, nay in the entire universe! This particular one is a late 1980's vintage, I think. Truth is I can't remember what year, but I think it came from a race my ex ran in while I was still in college... hmmm, I graduated from Murray State in 1988. Whenever I look at how worn out this t-shirt is, I immediately think two things: 1.) It's the most comfortable t-shirt ever, and 2.) The Last Picture Show and those other Texasville stories by Larry McMurtry have come to life in my closet. Alright, so you understand #1, no problem, right? You probably have shirts like that yourself. Don't shake your head "no", Pop! I happen to know you probably have at least two packages of brand new t-shirts hidden underneath a whole stack of worn-out ones that you continue to wear (heehee, busted!). So, what about #2? Larry McMurtry? Texasville? You know, he's the guy who also wrote Lonesome Dove. Yeah, that guy... Anyway, I can't remember all of The Last Picture Show, but I think Annie Potts and Jeff Bridges also starred in the movie version of the sequels set in "Texasville". Annie's character, the housewife married to the oil man, wears t-shirts. Because they have money, she has lots and lots of clothes, but she wears t-shirts with sayings on them. I do believe she would like my t-shirt collection!

Dang it, now I've gotta go dig in the "Chinese" cabinet that I use for a book shelf and find some McMurtry books. How can you not like Lonesome Dove? And is the woman Annie plays named Carla or Carli? Why in the heck did I keep thinking it was Cybil Shepherd? Think she played Jaci, the movie star. Don't ya love a soap opera? Hey, hope you have something comfortable to wear today, your favorite book handy, and time to enjoy them! See ya later, I gotta go find something presentable to wear...

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Linda Carol said...

Gotta love the Beadmakers Blog Ring! With out it I would not have discovered you have a blog! But now I know and can see we've been having synchronous moments! I blogged about the demise of a favorite old shirt earlier this month (

Gotta also admit I love Larry McMurtry's books too!!

Your beads are beautiful, as always!