Monday, April 2, 2007

April Fool's Day. . . All Day Long Yesterday!

"Look, Mommy, there's a monkey on the cabinet!"

" Hey, Daddy, there's a hundred dollar bill on the patio!"

Another time, a voice is heard coming from around the corner, "Look, Daddy! I'm invisible!"

Oh, yeah, we played the "Ha! I tricked you! April Fool's!" game from sunup 'til past sunset yesterday. The kids couldn't get enough of the thrill of fooling someone into looking at the imaginary monkies and dollar bills. They did go to the park with Ricky for an hour or so yesterday afternoon, so Daddy might have been present for a reprieve, but I'm pretty sure it went on non-stop the rest of the day. . . I know because I had to be "surprised" and "tricked" many times. You know what, it was pretty funny even with all the repeats, because Katie would let out a peal of giggles every time, too. James, being almost 6 and quintessentially cooooooler since he's almost done with kindergarten, was a bit more subtle with his tricks, adding a nonchalant "No, seriously, look!" to some of his tricks.

Egads, the tricking with the kids was fine, but I'm not happy with the tricks from the kiln! Don't breathe a word of it, because I changed my mind after I saw the results, but I was contemplating making little personalized nametags decorated like eggs for James' class. Nope, ain't gonna be happening, after all! Opened the kiln this morning, saw the first four (with a mere 8 left to do), and decided it wouldn't be appropriate to give those kids glass beads anyway. Heck, when they took a look at the icky bright colors and dropped the bead, they might be standing on concrete or tile and the bead might break. . . or something like that. Hmmmm, wonder what tricks I can look forward to today? Oh, there was also the bead making an unkind gesture to me, did I tell you about that one? Oh, not happy about that one, not happy at all. Thought I made this really cool hand, lines in the palm, knuckles, long fingers extended, etc. Aha! Did you notice what I said last in that list just now, the part about long fingers extended? Yep, an unfortunate choice of finger to be on the mandrel and a terrible lack of sense of proportion led to my bead giving me the bird when I took it out of the kiln. ***big sigh*** Gotta make a mental note of that for next time-- never wind the glass for the middle finger around the mandrel, Angie! Okay, time to go experiment some more! It's still fun, even when things don't go the way you intended :) Peace, Ang

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