Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Bead Mouse

Shhhhhhhhh. . . all's quiet here, except for the bead mouse squeaking and tapping as she writes this little note to you. We had storms Tuesday afternoon, so there went my plans to torch a bunch so I'd have new things to show you all through the weekend. So, tonight, I bribed the kiddos just a bit. Whoever fell asleep first gets to pick what we do when we make the first pitstop on the way to Grandma's. Just between you and me, Katie got quiet first, but James was snoring first. Call that one a tie! After they went to sleep, I went back to the torch, and I can't wait to see how everything turned out! Keep your fingers crossed ( if you're awake and reading this before 7am Central time) that some good stuff makes it out of the kiln!

This flower power bead is part of a set (well, sort of a "set" since I made more than one) that I'm going to use to make my Mom's Easter present. Don't really think my Dad is going to want any beads to hang in the cabin of whatever plane he gets to fly. . .you never know, though. If he gets his own plane, he might be so tickled that he'd let me hang beads in an inconspicuous corner. You know, my brother had glass goddesses hanging from his rearview mirror last summer.

Hmmm, "the bead mouse", that could be a regular thing with me. Imagine a cross between a mouse and Alice in Wonderland, better yet, make it Bead Mouse in GlassLand! What would you see on my worktable? A mountain of stringer ends that I can't bear to throw away because I might be able to use those to make some really cool multi-color fused pieces-- if I ever learn to fuse. An almost empty packet of gold foil-- that stuff just adds so much to a bead. A jumble of pulled stringer-- I don't know why I save it, I almost always pull new ones before I start a bead.
Lots of tiny woodcarving tools and some great Whimsicalities brass tools-- I love my old favs, but Maria's brass tools are just so much nicer. Lots of sketches taped up in front of the torch-- okay, far enough away that they won't catch fire, but it's like a journal except instead of turning pages you have to lift scraps of paper and see what's underneath. A box of matches-- I admit it, I got tired of the darn striker and used a lighter for a long time, then I just decided matches are the easiest. One Disney book about the yetis, a library book about American Indians (North & South)-- and I might have left a book about Tibetan religious art out there, too, can't seem to find it here on my desk. That's just part of it. . . but now the bead mouse is getting sleepy. Talk to ya Friday! Peace, Ang

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