Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brilliance, Joy, and Peace

Yesterday's torching brought these I Ching tiles: Brilliance, Joy, and Peace. Fire over Fire is #30, Li-- brilliance or radiance. Lake over Lake is #58, Tui-- joy. Earth over Heaven, is #11-- peace.
There are only 64 combinations, and each has a interpretation. I've got a couple of books about the I Ching. . . but they are just the gift-giving/picture book/interesting little books, and they don't have much more information than just the explanation of each of the 64 combinations. Of course, that's a lot to read in itself, but now I'm curious about how I Ching has been used in everyday life. On second thought, Taoism has been around for quite a long time, so that might make for a book that's longer than even I would like to read.
Hmmmm, can't wait to take some more pics after Kate and I take James to school. I'll post them in my gallery on BeadArtists.org.

Hope your day brings moments of brilliance, lots of joy, and a sense of peace!

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