Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough PopTarts!

Hey, wanna bite? Chocolate chip cookie dough flavored PopTart. I know, I know, it's junk and PopTarts have virtually no personality, but it's pretty good. . . especially if there is no other chocolate in the house! Good grief, one of these days, I gotta get back to eating healthy. I just love food, and even eating healthy there are tons of things that make me say, "Mmmmmmmmm, that's good stuff". Like roasted asparagus with a bit of olive oil and garlic, like spinach salad with asiagio peppercorn dressing, like fresh pineapple, like fresh strawberries without any sugar water, like a slice of whole wheat bread ( the real stuff) with a bit of scrambled egg and some garden ripe tomato. . .

What am I doing talking about food, when I oughta be talking about beads or glass or something?? Don't know. I do have a few beadies to take pics of and post in my gallery later today. Gotta make a few today, too!

My daughter just noticed the picture of the PopTart. Big laugh and smile and, "How'd the PopTart get on there, Mommy?" Gotta go, got places to pack for, got beadies to make, got kiddos to play with : ) Peace, Ang

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