Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Glass Makes a Liar Out of Me Every Time!

Look at these transparent blue beads, just look at them! Notice how you can see through them? Amazing, and totally unexpected for me! I made them yesterday with the intent of etching them because I knew they would come out of the kiln all gunky and boiled and nasty looking, just knew it in my heart of hearts. What happened? They came out so pretty and water-like, which is what I really wanted but knew better than to expect. Once again, the glass has made a liar out of me. . . because just last night I told Loco how much I hate transparents and how I never do anything with them and blahblahblah. Honestly, if I say anything to predict what I might make, the glass gods send me some humbling vibes right away! Don't believe me? Here's some evidence for ya:
  • If you ever look in my gallery pages at, take note of how many pages have a message that I'm working on more of the same style of bead or trying to finish some idea. I'm too scared to investigate this, but I'm fairly certain that most of those pages still don't have the promised "more pics of more beads like this".
  • I really wanted to do a collaboration with another lampworker, a fabulous lampworker and artist who has given me advice and encouragement, so I asked if we could work together. I refused to reveal her name to someone, in fear of jinxing the whole project. . . but I did tell my sister and brother part of the deal because my brother had to mail the package with my part of the project. La-dee-da and oooooooo-weeeeeeeee-ooooo! Guess what? It didn't work out that time. Now, the logical part of my brain says, "It's okay, you can work together again sometime. This had a lot of parts and a lot of ways to get delayed." The superstitious part of my brain is still beating me over the head with, "If you'd just have kept your mouth shut and been patient, you wouldn't have jinxed the whole thing!"
  • Paul, Paul, Paul! Carol's dad gave me some great links to Maori tribe information and told me he'd love to see me try to capture a warrior's expression in glass. Has it happened yet? No, because I keep trying too hard to make really cool tattoed warrior masks and sculptures. . . and in the process end up cracking something because I tried to stretch too far beyond the limits of my skills and equipment.
  • Hallynd, Hallynd, Hallynd! I am so embarrassed that I still haven't made your blonde beauty figures. I thought it would be so simple, but my setup and the way I work just clashed with that beautiful glass she gave me to use for this project. I've tried making them in plain old light pink pastel, but they just don't have that soulful personality of the beads I did in browns.
So, guess what?? I'm not telling you what I'm going to try to make today. Heck, I don't think I'll even tell myself until I actually get the torch lit! Keep your fingers crossed for me, though, won't ya? Hey, I'll talk to ya tomorrow! Have a wonderful Wednesday, whatever you may be doing : ) Peace, Ang

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Katie said...

Love your new blog Angie!!! Your work is wonderful!!