Monday, April 23, 2007

I have Breakfast with Elvis, and the PuppySitters play

This guy at left isn't Elvis. I just wanted to show you the pewter fan pull I found yesterday in the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart. Don't worry, it didn't come with the bead. That's one of my Buddha beads. I was wearing it as a pendant yesterday morning when I went to town. As soon as I got back to the van, I unwrapped the fan pull, undid the changeable pendant, and "slapped" them together. I put "slapped" in quotes because I discovered it isn't a simple thing to feed a wiggley piece of ball chain through a bead hole! Those little suckers defy gravity! I make most of my beads on an 1/8" mandrel, so there was room for the chain to slide through-- it just didn't want to slide. When I got that accomplished, I did a happy dance right there in the parking lot. . . as well as vowing not to remove the sucker. Now, instead of a Buddha pendant (mine), we have a Buddha fan pull (ours).

So, what happened to Elvis? I ate breakfast in the parking lot. Was the King sitting in a big Cadillac waiting for one of his boys to run inside and grab some peanut butter and bread and bananas if they had them? Not that I could tell. I did have breakfast with him, though. That was the name of the radio show I listened to on the way to town, "Breakfast with Elvis". It played lots of Elvis songs, as well as an old interview with Elvis. The King was talking about singing in Florida where the police were attending his concert to check for lewd behavior. Elvis laughed and said the only thing he could move while he sang was his upper lip-- no Elvis the Pelvis dancing at that concert. Wow, what a change in the last four or five decades, huh?

Okay, the PuppySitters. Katie found two of her poodle stuffed animals this weekend. You've probably seen little girls carrying these things around in a purse. They are kind of cute, but definitely girly. Now, if you remember, my son James is the little boy who refused to get in the bathtub one night until I removed "all of those naked Barbies of Katie's!" He thinks he should not like anything pink or purple, let alone anything remotely related to any girls except Mommy or Grandma or maybe Katie. Well, I think he's slowly adjusting to the fact that there are girls in the world. Plus, he really wants a puppy. Yesterday, when we went outside he and Kate each had a poodle to carry. Don't worry, though, he's still all boy, as he reassured me that "It's okay, Mom. I'm just puppysitting for Kate." Well, I'm glad he thought of that, because he and Kate then played for a looooooooong time, carrying those poodles around the yard and exploring.

Hope your week finds you doing whatever it is you'd like to try. . . and if it's something you don't think you ought to like, well, maybe you just need to do some "puppysitting" a la James. Happy Monday, Peace, Ang

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