Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Mommy Recliner

Did ya wonder what happened to me yesterday? No post all day long, and it wasn't even the weekend? Aw, nothing exciting going on here in the flatlands, just hanging out. I tried to
make a bead or two, but my light burnt out in the middle of the first one. I would not recommend torching without a light right there at your workspace. Yes, yes, I know, what about the light from that huge flame spurting out of the torch? Well, it actually creates a huge shadow in contrast, so that you can see much of the details of what you are doing. Gonna try again today, but right now I'm trying to write this while simultaneously spelling the names of all of Mickey Mouse's friends. Before this, we went to town in search of parachute toys which are nowhere to be found when you actually want to find them.

We had to sit outside and enjoy the spring weather, too. That's where the Mommy Recliner comment comes into today's title. Kate is the child who has been trying to return to the womb since her birth, so Mommy is her favorite piece of furniture. We sat on one of the patio chairs, feet up on the deck rail (rented house, they plan to re-do the whole thing, not just paint), and looked at the clouds moving across the sky. The farmer just disked and sprayed that field at the beginning of the week. Beautiful spring colors today, too, except the smattering of tiny brown leaves still clinging to the trees. It doesn't make sense that a late freeze would kill an entire tree, because it happens many years after the leaves start emerging, but a couple of these trees don't seem to have many new green leaves coming back. Well, I'm done spelling Mickey Mouse names but we've moved on to an imaginary food sale. . . guess I better go for now. Just wanted to say "Hi" and let ya know I didn't forget about ya! Peace, Ang

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