Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh, shoot, Oh-shoooooon, and a Ouija Board

Her name is Oshun, and you say it like this, "Oh-shoon". She means many things to many different people on a few different continents, but we'll talk about that later, after I figure out how to fix the entire sculpture into a nice display piece, after I figure out how I'm going to get better pics of the shiny black plus bright yellow color combo. Right now, the important thing is that she and my friend Carol have reminded me of the Ouija Board I got one year when I was a kid.
Ouija boards, crystal balls, Magic 8-balls, name five boys and pick a number. . . just all of those "tell the future" games that intrigue a kid, especially twelve or thirteen or fourteen year old girls. Remember that? Wanting to know what would happen in your life? Just itching to know all sorts of stuff about who you'd be when you finally grew up? Well, we always got to make a Christmas list, picking out toys and things from the Sears and J.C.Penney Christmas catalogs. One year, probably when I was about 13, there was a Ouija board in the board games section of one of the catalogs. Woohoo! I made sure to budget my list so that it would be included in my Christmas loot under the tree. How did it work? How could it tell you things? How did it know? How? How? How? Well, I finally got up the nerve to try it a few times. It was kinda fun, but kinda disappointing, too. Remember how you use them? You and any other interested person lightly lay your fingers on the triangular piece with the clear peephole. This plastic piece is raised on little legs that allow it to slide over the smooth game board where there are letters of the alphabet. You ask the Ouija board a question, and then the piece starts to move across the board, pointing to one letter after another. The letters should spell out the answer to your question. Well, heck, that's simple enough to explain now that I'm a grown-up! Your intentions guide the piece, and any person with you playing the game is likely to know the same answers as you. . . it's a gimme. Ha! It ain't just a "gimme" when you are a gullible youngster. I believed this thing was going to tell me some interesting stuff about my future, and I wanted to know what it had to say! So, after the letdown of sessions with no mention of my future, I decided to get serious. Shannon Marie and I would take this to my room in the basement and try it, and we would concentrate, and we would get some answers, darn it. Now, I have always been a 'fraidy cat, even though I grew up in the country. Heck, after I got that room in the basement, my dad had to go shut the curtains for me if they were still open after dark. I couldn't go do it myself because someone or something might be staring at me through one of those basement windows! I could spook myself just listening to the noises of the house, and my bedroom was the only one in the basement. . . all alone. . .and if I needed help, someone was gonna have to hear my scream from all the way upstairs. . . So, Shannon and I take this Ouija board downstairs, after dark, and start asking it some serious questions. I don't remember all of them, but I suspect they had to do with whether or not certain boys might like us as more than just friends. All was going smoothly, so I decided to ask the board, "WHO ARE YOU?" I was just curious, but I never found out the complete answer because the first three letter were




Call me crazy, but I had no intention of finding out if that was our other-worldly spirit friend named LUC-Y or a more sinister spirit named LUC- IFER!

Now, pardon me, while I go open the shades and peer out into the daylight and come back to the present. Egads, that board scared me! Or was it my own mind playing tricks on me? Who knows? But you'll notice I didn't write this entry at night (~wink, wink~).

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