Monday, April 16, 2007

Older than dirt?? or just older than Kindergarten??

Older than dirt?? or just older than Kindergarten?? Not the bead! Me! and the answer is that I am not older than dirt but I am apparently older than Kindergarten in my own way. . . we didn't have kindergarten at Lynnvale Elementary School when I was five years old. What on earth am I talking about? Just thinking about Katie's kindergarten screening coming up later this morning. James didn't go to his, so I'm just not sure what we're going to be doing. Anyway, my hubby even went to kindergarten, and he's three years older than me, so I sorta feel like I don't understand the whole kindergarten thing on some levels. Maybe, I just wonder if there's some grand secret of the universe that they tell you in kindergarten-- and that means I'll never know it?? I'll tell you one thing, James pretty much loves his teacher and class (can't say he actually "loves" everything, you know, or I might get in trouble for including those g-i-r-l-s!).

Guess what we did have almost 35 years ago at Lynnvale? We had Head Start in the summertime, and everybody got to go. Yep, we had the whole building to ourselves, and we got to play in the third grade room. Of course, it's been a few years, so forgive me if I get the details wrong; I'm just telling you what I can see in that fog of memory deep in my brain :) Think we had Ms. Jane Hayes for our teacher, and we loved her instantly. Know what stands out in my mind? Every day, all of us would play dress-up. . . and then march to the cafeteria and put on a fashion parade for the lunchroom ladies! And when it was lunchtime, we got to sit in that big-kid cafeteria. Can't remember if the tables had those benches or those round plastic stools that bloomed at the top of a metal pipe stalk? Anyway, I do remember sitting in that lunchroom sometime later in first grade, opening my lunch box, and drinking strawberry milk from my thermos. Hmm, I sure do hope James and Kate's school memories are just as happy, no matter how foggy they become over the decades!

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