Friday, April 13, 2007

Procrastination, Pretty Purple Petals, and "Peculiar People"

Well, here I sit, late at night, trying to think of what to write for my Saturday blog entry. The kids and I have a full day tomorrow. Actually, not so full, but there sure won't be any torch time unless it's early in the day. So, as much as I love to talk, I'm thinking I'd rather write to you ahead of time and then maybe, just maybe, have a little bit of torch time tomorrow morning. Got some ideas I'd like to try. Got things I'd like to try to make with these purple flowers. Got this urge to do the opposite of procrastination for once. I'm stumped, though. Rick's flight got delayed, and I've got the t.v. on for the "company". Problem is, I keep getting distracted by what's on television. First, as I was cropping this picture, Seinfeld was on. It was the cock-fighting episode where Kramer names his pet rooster Little Jerry and George dates a prison inmate. Flip through the channels for something less distracting ( but not until Seinfeld's done), find a Travel Channel show about different religions. . . and the group that was just highlighted were self-proclaimed "Peculiar People", snake-handlers. Sorry, I really don't mean to be this way, but I can't help it...I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF SNAKES. I don't care who/which/what God calls on me, I ain't picking up a snake! But, as the narrator says, there's a lot of faith in that church, and it is beautiful to witness. I tend to agree, so there's another distraction while I watch people declare their desire to speak in tongues and handle these serpents. Still haven't thought of an entertaining topic for you, though! That's it. Going to bed and read a book. Ain't no fighting with the words when you're a writer-- they either flow, or they don't. I do hope you have a fabulous Saturday, though! And I do hope I can entertain ya a little better Sunday :) Peace, Ang

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