Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Scooby and Daphne at the Library, and I Mess with a Buddha Pic

Wouldn't ya know it? I forgot about returning my library books until it was too late Sunday afternoon. Ricky usually watches the kids on Sunday mornings, that's my time to go to town by myself. Yippee, there's lots open on Sunday morning in a small town! Oh, but I do enjoy just going to the grocery and to Wal-Mart all by myself, browsing a little if I feel like it, just enjoying doing whatever I feel like doing without having to worry about anyone else. This Sunday, though, Ricky slept late, and all I really wanted to do was torch. That worked out fine at the time, but the results from the kiln were less than fine, check out my gallery to see how the glass gods flipped me off ;-) Anyway, got busy torching and forgot about heading in town to the library. The kids are getting plenty big enough to handle the library, though, so we all three enjoy making the trip. Yesterday, James and Kate started playing Scooby Doo and the gang just as soon as the school bus dropped the little boy off at home. I hated to interrupt the solving of mysteries, but we needed to return those movies and books before I forgot again! Well, James brought along his stuffed Scooby Doo, and Katie brought her pink Care Bear that stands in for Daphne. Scooby and Daphne looked at books and magazines, when they weren't making funny noises at the guys at the front desk. There's a little window between the front desk and the corner of the library where I like to explore all the religion and culture books. Don't know how it looked when the library was first built, but nowadays, it's covered with some sort of metalwork screen thingie. . . and that means you can peek through the holes, and more importantly, you can make funny noises at the library staff and then giggle until they figure out where you are! Ah, but I have to say, Scooby and Daphne did a fairly good job yesterday, and they even picked out a book apiece to go with the free movies. Aha! They already loved books, but now they're beginning to see all the possibilities in a library :-)

Oh, almost forgot the Buddha pic. Isn't that cool, the way it looks embossed? Some people are just naturals with all the tech stuff, but not me! So, I had to show you that pic. Know what it started out as? A sketch I did on my deskpad. Took a closeup pic of it, then messed with some of the extra doo-dads in my photo software-- somehow, it made the black marker lines look like embossed lines! Wow, this could be fun. . . Gotta go now, got books that just absolutely will read better outside on the deck for some unknown reason (it's a gorgeous day), so Kate and I are heading outside for a bit. See ya later, Ang

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