Friday, April 13, 2007

Sunshine, Scarabs, and Stringer Therapy

Well, the real sun is shining almost as brightly in the sky as this yellow and orange sun on the scarab bead this morning! It's so nice to wake up to daylight, instead of overcast skies. Okay, okay, I did get up long before daylight this morning, but I think I'm just now starting to wake up! There were too many nights this week when the wind blowing across the flatlands sounded loud and harsh enough to keep me awake in the wee hours. So, yep, I am a happy woman to see sunny skies!

Ah, the scarab, that ancient Egyptian marvel. Well, actually, I imagine there are still dung beetles (scarabs) in the world. The marvel is the way the Egyptians took the example of the dung beetle to heart. You see, they could see these beetles rolling balls of dung all day long, and new beetles seemed to magically appear from the dung. . . The scarab began to represent the god who rolled the sun across the sky each day, as well as the rebirth of the sun day after day. Scarabs decorated amulets and other items. Not bad for a lowly beetle, huh?

Stringer Therapy? Now what is that? Some sort of new fad? Nope, it's just what I think of after I've made a bead with lots and lots of stringer work like this one. Glass does not like to be laid down in a line; it much prefers to ball up when it gets hot. Getting the hang of using stringer to create lines instead of blobs has been one of the biggest thrills of my glass life! You should've seen how happy I was when I first did it fairly successfully last fall. Now, I've really become a sculpting girl, but every once in a while, I feel the need to do some stringer work. It's like meditation when you get into the groove. There's nothing like putting down line after line after line to sooth your artistic soul. . . probably the same feeling a gardener gets from putting out rows and rows of seeds, or the feeling a cook gets from methodically dicing onions, or a brick layer gets from slapping down mortar and laying on bricks and tapping them into place, or-- Hey, bet we've all done a version of Stringer Therapy!

So, I'm off to finish the laundry, post pics of an Isis sculpture in my gallery, straighten the house, take some flower beadies off the mandrels and clean them, and who knows what else the day holds in store! Peace, Ang

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