Friday, April 20, 2007

The Good, the Potentially Troublesome, and Manties??

These make me happy.

She's going to cause me trouble.

And that just might sum up my day so far. Only 9a.m., so the jury is out on whether it will be good or bad. Just like the beads that came out of the kiln this morning, though, there's good and then there's potential for hassles. See, I got up early to clean up the kitchen-- good. Then sprayed water all over myself when I held a plate at just the right angle in the full stream of water from the faucet-- potential for trouble since I was already dressed and need to do laundry. This also resulted in a pool of water on the floor-- good. Well, yeah, good because it gave me a headstart on mopping the floor. Looked all over the garage for a drill that Ricky says Pop left here-- good. Didn't find the drill out there, but did find half a bag of Cat Chow so I don't have to rush to the store. Did find the drill in the back bedroom-- potential for trouble since I want it to work right now but the battery needs to charge. That gives me time to write to you. Could be good, could be trouble. . .

Look what AndreaJane from LE found on the internet:

Manties---panties for men.

Yes, you can click on it. No, I don't think there were any closeup shots of men hanging out in these things (but I didn't get past the first page, so you decide if you want to risk it). There is just something so wrong about this whole picture! Why?
  • Well, because I'm a woman and I don't even wear those nylon panties with roses on them. I don't think I could handle it very gracefully if my DH had purtier bloomers than me!
  • Because how do you size those things? According to the behind, or according to all the stuff that needs to be covered in the front?
  • Because this gives an added visual that I just didn't want. See, my father and my brother have this need to insult one another periodically. In fact, I do believe that if they haven't heard from each other part way through the work day, they do that Nextel squawkie thing just to throw in an insult for good measure. One of those insults being, "You're a pantywaist." Ewwwwwwwwwwww! That plus the added visual courtesy of Manties? Ewwwwwwww!
Alright, enough talk of good, bad, and manties. I think that drill is going to work :) Yeah! Could be a good day!

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