Sunday, April 22, 2007

Uh-huh, the kids and the cats all had to help me decorate my deskpad last night! It was so nice outside yesterday evening. James and Kate wanted to play outside, and I needed something to do out there, too. So, I got the bright
idea to make a fresh page on my deskpad. . . Now, if you know me at all, you have an idea how
much I love paper and pens and just having a new notebook. Nerdy, but true. I also don't like to share my goodies. Sad,
but, once again, true. I'll happily give James and Kate sheets of this big paper, but sometimes, Mommy just wants to doodle on a whole sheet by herself. Ah, once you have children, you never do anything by yourself again. This would be both good and bad, and true, so true. So, I got a corner of my paper, and James and Kate drew some wonderful pictures of the cats on the rest of the page. Moochie helped out by posing a safe distance away from all of us. Meaty-head helped out by sitting on the paper! Yep, "you wanna color this spot, you gotta pet me first". Persistent cat, that one. . . I think the lines of Kate's monster king in the middle actually followed the curve of Meaty-Head's tail since he wouldn't move :)

So, what was I going to fill all that space with by myself, anyway?? Not sure, I just was thinking about summertime coming, goals and things to do, and how to fit those in with the Mommy role. Here's the deal-- until they both start school this fall, there will be very few uninterrupted spans of working time. For someone who always prided herself on being a great employee and actually working when at work, this causes some frustration. . . but what "they" say is true. They say: Enjoy them when they're little, because they grow up quickly and will be on their own before you know it. They are right. So, here's to my overall goal for now: Hug a couple of kids, watch with delight as their own artistic skills grow, hang out on the patio with said children (and furry "kids"), and squeeze in some glass here and there! Oops, gotta go. Gotta check out the coloring Katie just finished on the deskpad, and James is looking for more of the bunny and chick confetti from Grandma's package this week! Have a terrific Sunday, guys!

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