Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday in the Land of Pooh Bear,Borrowed Car Seats, and Secret Journals

Hey, there, would you happen to have a little smackeral of honey that I could borrow? Oops, sorry, channeling Pooh Bear again. The kiddos played outside with their stuffed animal characters yesterday afternoon while I finished cleaning up their outgrown car seats to pass along to the littlest Becker. Addie, my dear, you have been granted permission to "borrow" those car seats, as if James and Kate think they will need to squeeze into them again soon! Oh, my, oh, my, my children are packrats to the nth degree. Toys, I'd understand. Clothes, I'd say that's probably normal. Car seats, though? Outgrown car seats, at that? So, Lisi, if you're reading this, we'll bring them into town sometime today so that you can have them ready for Girls' Day.

Now, why would I still be channeling Pooh Bear? We are living and breathing the Hundred Acre Wood around here, even though we take enthusiastic breaks for Spiderman, Superman, Supergirl, Mickey, Minnie, and all things "Meet the Robinson's" related. Even Grandma has been playing with Pooh! The talking Pooh she found got left at her house, and she can't resist giving him a hug and listening to him say "snuggley-wuggley" and "tighter, please". Pooh and Piglet and Tigger and Roo, Owl and Rabbit and Eeyore, too! The kids "talk" their stuffed animals, which is what they call it when they pretend their characters are going on a trip or exploring or going to school or just about anything you can imagine. They make paper and tape clothes for their characters-- you should have seen Minnie Mouse's paper swimsuit. They use paper towels and kleenex for blankets and carseats(the ones I was trying to clean) for beds/ rocket ships.

When it's time to take a break from talking characters, we have a newfound hobby-- writing and drawing in our SECRET journals. Yep, capitalize SECRET because it is a big deal! If you even glance in the direction of the person opening his/her journal, then you must be trying to look in his/her SECRET book. Katie's book has a mermaid theme. It has a lock and key, as well as it's own storage box with another SECRET compartment for stashing SECRET things. James' book is Pooh Bear, and it has a little quote on the cover of the SECRET compartment flap, "Hum-de-dum, nothing to look at in here...". After I explained it to him, James couldn't stop giggling about Pooh trying to distract him away from the SECRET hiding place. He just kept repeating it and giggling as we were leaving the driveway yesterday morning. Kate has been making special drawings in her book and then using the attached satin ribbon to mark the pages. She even drew two Buddhas for me yesterday. . . but since it's a SECRET journal, I guess I'll wait until she shows me the rest of those drawings.

Ooops, time to get going. No SECRETS from me today, but I am getting ready to take some pics of the two beads I torched last night. I'll be posting them in my gallery pages at if ya wanna peek : ) Peace, Ang

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