Saturday, May 26, 2007

Argh! House Hunting! I'm Starting to Think a TreeHouse Would Be Nice!

Let me just say this-- I'm starting to look for abandoned lots out in the country with large trees. . . it might be easier than finding a reasonably priced house that has the features we're hoping to have in a house. Yep, I'm thinking a treehouse made out of recycled junk and stuff. Nope, I'm not crazy. . .just frustrated. This could turn into a real rant, so let me just say this: I like ceramic tile. I like granite anything. I like hardwood floors. But, please, please, please! Don't install those expensive things in a cobbled together overgrown clubhouse and expect me to pay $***,000 (yep, 6 digits, and they don't start with 1, but I don't want anyone to know exactly what house I'm talking about) for an overgrown (and ugly) junky clubhouse with temporary horse corrals covering the front yard just because you have nice floors!!! A tent with a ceramic tile floor would still be a freakin' TENT. Do you get the idea here? How about another thought to get the point across? Would you put a 24K gold handle on the door to an outhouse??

Ohmyohmy, got stop the rant-train right here. Too nice a day to keep travelling down these tracks!! Hey, have a terrific weekend! Talk soon, Peace, Ang

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