Friday, May 11, 2007

Let me tell ya about the "Lonely Ranger"

Yeah, I gotta tell ya about the "Lonely Ranger" and lots of other stuff from this week. . . as soon as I figure out if this is going to work this time. I can just see me writing a whole great big long story and then losing it all! Our dial-up connection started messing up Tuesday morning, and it still is not fixed. It dials up, connects slower than usual, then disconnects itself after 3 or 4 minutes. Guess what? That is just enough time for me to open my favorite sites, maybe get to a page I want to see, and then POOF! It all disappears. I finally figured out that what I am going to have to do is connect it, open Blogspot, choose "New Post", wait for it to come up, and then quickly check "work offline" in the main menu. Okay, if you are even slightly accustomed to working online, you probably would have figured that out the first day. . .so please have pity on my techno-challenged self :)

So, Wednesday afternoon when Kate and I went to pick James up from kindergarten, he buzzed past me in the school lobby, yelling, "Hi, Mom! Guess what? I'm the Loooooonely Raaaaaaaaanger!" Well, I couldn't figure out where that came from, especially since he and Kate haven't run across The Lone Ranger and Tonto yet. As we were walking out the door, the teacher aide explained it. "Everyone except James got a card flipped today, so Mrs. Bergen and I were calling him the Lone Ranger." In case you haven't heard the latest kindergarten buzz, getting your card flipped is not good. You get the first one flipped as a warning when you are misbehaving, the second one means you miss half of recess, you get the idea. Happily, James was "just a Ranger,Mom" yesterday since everyone else decided to behave throughout the day. . . ah, the trials and tribulations of kindergarten :)

And what has my daughter the Cat Whisperer been doing this week? Kate's been coloring in her Princess coloring books, as well as learning a few lessons about putting toys away when you're done playing outside. Lesson #1: If you are playing with the kid-size shovel Grandma got you, remember to put it away somewhere safe. The back bumper of the van is not considered a "safe place", especially later in the day when other people are blowing their horns and trying to get Mommy's attention while she's driving sot they can tell her, "Hey, you've got a shovel on your bumper!" Lesson #2: Cats can be very loving when they want to be. They can follow you around. They can rub against you and purrrrrr. They can sit beside you while you color. If one is a boy cat, and if you leave your prized coloring book outside overnight, that tomcat just might claim your coloring book as his territory. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Okay, we also made an extra trip to town to procure a few new coloring books, too! Now, on that note, let me try to post this. . . and keep your fingers crossed for me that the phone company and internet company get their act together real soon :)

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