Friday, May 25, 2007

Moochie and the Moonlight Masquerade

Aha! Here I spent a couple hours off and on last night after dark trying to think of a good name for this sculpture, trying to get pics of the moon without a tripod, trying to capture these two figures in a moonlit
pose. . . all that for nothing, except a picture of Moochie the moonlight meower, and she wouldn't even look at the camera! BUT while I was trying to think of a nice title for today, I stumbled across another possibility for names for the sculpture. Hmmm, moonlight masquerade? I've been thinking about these two ever since I made them last week, just waiting for the perfect names. Usually, I have names and/or stories in mind before I even get to the torch. These two I made while thinking about anniversaries and fairy tales. I really thought they were going to be the King and Queen of the Forest Dancing the Anniversary Waltz. . . eh, not quite right. Oberon and his Queen on a Midsummer Night's Eve? Nope, realized I never even read that one of Shakespeare's, realized many people have all sorts of faery kingdom stories, realized I just might offend someone with my ignorance. I still want a picture of them in the moonlight, though! But I was also planning on them for my next eBay auction, which needs to start today before Brigid's Healing Well ends. ~~~sigh~~~ You just never know when the glass is going to be obstinate and hide from your creative muse. . . See ya later, I gotta go run this around my brain some more :)

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