Friday, May 18, 2007

My Babies Are Both 5 Years Old for the Next Month!

Katie turned five years old yesterday, and now our "Irish twins" really do feel like twins again until James turns six years old in June. They were so cute yesterday! I watched James wake up yesterday morning. Right before his eyes opened, he started grinning real big. Then, his eyes popped open, and he blurted out, "Birthday! Kate! It's your birthday!" Last night, we went to McDonald's so they could add to their Shrek toy collection and play in the playland. One time, as they were climbing through the tunnels to the very tallest slide, we could hear Katie telling him, "James, you're the bestest brother in the whole world." When we got home, she let him open part of her presents and he led the "Happy Birthday" singing.
Now, in case you think I'm being more sugary-sweet than the half inch thick icing on the cupcakes we had last night, let me tell you I'm just excited because they've been fighting just about constantly lately. . . Hearing them laughing and chanting, "We're twins now!" is a welcome break from "James is always gonna be older than me. I don't like that, and I'm mad at him" and "Kaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaate! I'm gonna punch you". Hey, my brother and sister and I did our fair share of squabbling, so I know how it goes.
And that, my friend, would be why I shall treasure days like yesterday when they happen :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We're off to Kentucky to see Grandma and Granddaddy and Soupie and Bubby and everybody else in the neighborhood. I'll be at Glendale tomorrow during the day. . . I'll take pics as long as you promise not to laugh at my low-tech display. Pop has fixed me a table, which will be cool because he makes great stuff. Mother dug out her yellow and white polka dot umbrella, which actually sounds kind of fun. Now, the challenge will be to keep myself from stopping at Wally-World to buy too much stuff to decorate it with. . . the stuff I have is either green or black/rust/gold, so maybe I'll just be unconventional and not use a table covering?? This one is just for the fun of spending the day outside and talking to people.

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