Friday, May 4, 2007

Packrats Unite!

Whatever that is in your hand right now that you were planning on throwing away--DON'T DO IT! Unless, of course, you are reading this while holding a snotty kleenex in one hand and a rotten tomato from the bottom of the fridge in the other hand, then PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISPOSE OF THE GARBAGE. Seriously, every time I start to gather an appreciation for clutter-free spaces, something happens to remind me of why I love being a packrat. Take these beads in the pic. That goddess head and body have been on my desk for over a month because I can't get into the eBay thing. Of course, the consequence of not trying too hard to sell stuff is that I have a humongous desktop covered with beads. Cool beads? Oh, yeah! Too many of them, though? Oh, yeah! So, for the last couple of months, this desk in the back bedroom has been sucking energy out of me every time I think about it. Actually, the whole room is a massive depository of beadie kind of stuff and boxes that I might need for mailing or packing. Just this week, I checked out a book about Zen, along with some other books about Shinto and New Age religions. Now, you know feng shui was mentioned in those! Once again, straightening and organizing my bead stuff made it to the top of my to-do list. Once again, I've looked at it every morning and immediately found something else on the list that needed my attention. . . and once again, my penchant for packing away sh-- has resulted in a wonderful thing! Guess what? Those two great big beads in the pic are ones I made yesterday to go with another bead for a sculpture. Unfortunately, or so I thought, these two beads are all wrong for the third bead. Wrong style, wrong size. Guess what/who looks beautiful dancing atop them,though? This willowy goddess! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha! PACKRATS UNITE!

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