Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Reason I'll Never Go Blonde Again. . .

. . . would be that my hair sucks up color! The year my blonde highlights kept getting lighter and lighter until they mistakenly turned out orange right before New Year's Eve, that was the year I decided I'd never dye my hair again. What was I gonna do? The hair stylist I'd trusted so much to artfully paint highlights on my dark brown hair finally went a touch too far. That would be the day I ended up with orange hair. Eeeeeeeeeeek! I tolerated it for a while, partly because I didn't trust her to fix such a monumental mistake and partly because I certainly didn't trust anyone else to do it to begin with. Well, that leaves fixing it myself, and "fix" it I did. I bought dark brown Clairol in a box (or maybe I was worth it and bought Loreal, who can remember that far back?), put it in my hair and was instantly transported from electric orange haired weirdo to deep black goth haired weirdo! ARGH!!!!!!! It took almost an entire year to get rid of the black. After almost ten years, the trauma still haunts me, so you can bet I will be going gray gracefully!

Well, I meant for this to be a little more fun and entertaining of a story, but it's true that it's been almost ten years and it still frustrates me to even think about the whole ordeal. . . good grief! But if ya wanna see some more pics of these blonde girls I finally made for Hallynd and her cousin Lacey, you can check out my gallery at BeadArtists.org :)

Anyway, the kiddos are busy discussing Shrek and Spiderman, and I better go finish a few things before early bathtime tonight. Ricky's leaving work in time to stop by here and pick us up so we can all go see Spiderman3. You have been forewarned--- there will most certainly be more Spiderman stories as the week goes on!

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Sheila M said...

lol! My hair turns orange too! This time I tried Auburn and the grey turned bright purple!!EEK! WOW! I have a lot of grey....Your blog is fun! Happy day! ....Sheila