Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Adventures

Here's a picture of that sculpture I've been trying to photograph. Thought she might cooperate if I took her out to Carlyle Lake to enjoy the view! I've been to the lake lots of times, so this was fun but not a "big adventure" for me. My big adventure comes later when I try to list her for sale on eBay!
James and Kate took off quickly up the steps leading to the Cub Scout's Chipmunk Trail. . . I think they thought the name meant they were guaranteed to see real chipmunks as soon as they hit the top of the stairs!

Oooooo, lots of pretty wildflowers blooming this time of year! There were bushes of these, some violet kind of things (maybe they were Johnny-Jump-Ups?), and lots of honeysuckle. Saw a few mayapples, too, but not big patches of them. It was nice just being out in the woods!

After checking out the water at the boat ramp, playing on all the equipment at that playground, and watching some fisherman fillet his catch, we drove around to the dam itself. We climbed all the steps to the top and were greeted with a hazy view of the gigantic lake. We counted 13 or 14 sailboats at one time, but I never got close enough to take a pic with my camera. We looked over the edge of the dam on both sides, too. Had to see the big gates, and had to look at the spillway side while enjoying the breeze from all that water rushing through the gates.
Hope you had a terrific Saturday morning, too!

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