Monday, May 21, 2007

Too Many Brownie Points? For Husbands?? Not Possible, Boys!

Get this. Saturday at the Spring Fest, there were two men sitting on a bench in front of the antique store, waiting for their wives. Well, they were sitting right behind my booth, and they looked like they might be a little bored. . . I suggested that maybe they should look at the glass sculptures and beads on my table and pick out a surprise for their wives, which should get them some "brownie points". Guess what one of those rascals told me?

"I've already got so many brownie points, I'll never have to get any more."

Well, I just had to laugh and let him in on a little secret we members of the Wives' Club know. You can never have too many brownie points. If you are a husband, it's just not possible to have too many brownie points! Of course, I also ratted him out to his wife when she came out of the antique store :) She just laughed. It was fun talking to all of them! Both of the wives have had booths at the St. James Art Show in Louisville, and they were telling me about it. It's always fun to talk to people who've done things like that and find out what they make and where they sold it, etc. The wife of the brownie-points-champion used to make purses decorated with horses/Derby themes. She made so many (and they're all over the world) that she just got tired of it. Wow, though! Creating things you love is a great feeling, and to be that successful at it. . . icing on the cake!

Oh, and if you are a person who'd like to rack up some brownie points with someone who likes creative gifts, howzabout checking out my eBay auctions? (hint, hint) The water fountain in the picture above is currently listed, and I'll be adding new creations about twice each week. . .so go ahead, click on this link and save it while you're there ;) You never know, you just might run across a mega-brownie-points opportunity!

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