Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why I Think There Ought to Be Middle-Aged Fairies, not just Tinkerbells and Fairy GodMothers

Well, you just never know where your mind is going to wander while you're sitting at the torch. While I was making this fairy, I got to thinking about the physics of fairies. Okay, what I was thinking about was whether or not fairies are almost always shown as sexy, superslim little waifs because their wings wouldn't be able to get them off the ground if they had any real meat on their bones. See! I told you, you just never know where your mind is going to wander off to while you're sitting in front of the flame. So, since this girl with her thick wings and full body has her own appeal (despite the pigment problems with her wings), I have decreed in my own little world there shall be fairies of all ages! I know, I know, the whole thing about fairies is tied to their immortality. . . so why wouldn't they want to be young for eternity? Well, I can think of some good reasons. First up, did ya ever have that grownup's nightmare where you are back in high school? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, the whole thought of being that young and not knowing about the world for an eternity? Oh, yeah, I've had jobs where I couldn't leave the building until the day was over, but somehow, it just didn't feel the same as the shackled feeling in that "Ohmygosh, I'm stuck in high school and I can't get out" dream. Hmmm, what else? How about the need to please everyone else when you are young? Bet Tinkerbell has asked many of her little fairy friends, "Does this dress make me look fat?" Well, grow up, honey, and tell 'em this instead, "Hey, I just couldn't resist this floating, wispy skirt, and I'm glad you noticed it"!
What else? Oooo, oooo, it's not all about looks, either! The joys of being old enough to really understand yourself, to really love yourself for who you are (not who you'd like to become)! And the freedom, the glorious freedom, to say what you think and realize that other people don't have to agree with it. . . and the freedom and wisdom to know you can exchange all those ideas without having to try to change the other person in the process.

Now, as for the Fairy Godmothers, I'm glad they found their way into all those fairy tales, glad they got to share their skills and wisdom. I just think they need to be accompanied by some middle age apprentices ;)

Hope you have a magical day now. . . I'm off to the torch before kiddos and hubby return from the park! In a moment of wisdom and kindness (but I'm leaning more toward the wisdom thing, 'cause he's starting to figure it out), the hubby actually decided to take the kiddos to the park first on his extra day off, instead of heading straight for his garage to enjoy tinkering with his toys. Tooooo-doooo-loooooooo, I've got torchin' to dooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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