Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yep, I'm Strange-- I Love to Go to the Grocery and here's why

Umm, yeah, the bead is a rerun, but the pic is new :)
Just wanted to tell ya I'm gonna put her on eBay later today.
She's Market Lady #1, because I enjoyed her so much that I'm just gonna have to return to her someday and make her sisters.
Kids and I are off to town in a few minutes. Gotta get a propane tank refill, gotta get bread and milk. Good grief, can you see a hint of my priorities in that last sentence. Don't forget the propane, and the milk and bread are afterthoughts!
Oh, but I do love going to the grocery, and not just because I love to eat!
The grocery is filled with sensations, which leads to ideas!
It is a joy to this artist's soul. . . and yes, I do feel like an artist when I think about it this way. We all have an artist somewhere in our soul, and that's a good thing, part of what makes us really live and enjoy life.
Not convinced? Here, let's go on a little tour of the grocery. I'll bet you can do the same thing in your mind:

Feel that whoosh of cold air as you step out of the sunlight and into the store. Grab a cart. See that repeating pattern all the handles make in the row of carts? I always liked the colored handles with the writing underneath a layer of clear. Push the cart through the door, walk past the airbrushed daisies (truly, those dyed flowers are a work of art in themselves; who doesn't smile at the bright colors?). What's in season in produce right now? Red strawberries, pale yellow ears of corn, a slice or two of not-quite-real-summertime-ripe watermelon. Wouldn't you like to just once run your hand all along the tops of all the different ruffley lettuces and greens? The apples are a little soft this time of year, but oh, what a treat a crispy Asian pear can be. Read the names of all the salad dressings as you stroll by them. Of course, I'd have to say Paul Newman's face is one of nature's fine works of art, but try to pull your eyes away from him for a second and read the names on the bottles. Doesn't it make you think of tiny rows of herbs growing in a window box, big hunks of cheese setting on top of wooden barrels, and a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper on your salad at your favorite restaurant?
Lunchmeat, juice, cookies. Flattened out discs of cheap chocolate chip cookies, puffed up Archway circles, crisp white Pepperidge Farm bags holding crispy light and airy cookie wafers, plain old graham crackers and vanilla wafers shedding golden light from the top shelf. Canned vegetables arranged by color, jars of spaghetti sauce making you wish for a collander full of garden-ripe tomatoes to bake with a pan of celery and onions and carrots, all to be mashed into a flavorful puree'. Flour, sugar, oils, vinegars. I could spend an hour just picking up the different bottles of olive oil, all those different bottle shapes, all those different shades of oil, all those wonderfully ornate labels on the bottles.

Uh, oh, time to actually get ready and go! That was only the first four or five aisles, but I guess you get the idea. Mmmmm, gotta be thankful for the abundance we enjoy!

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