Monday, June 25, 2007

"And everybody was kung-fu fighting..."

Yep, everybody in the house was kung-fu playfighting after watching a Bruce Lee marathon with the daddy. . .everybody except me. I was moping. While watching mouthes move and waiting for the words to come out in another language is entertaining, what I really wanted to be doing was torching. Ah, here we go with the whine, and to tell you the truth, if I get started good, this whine could be just as finely choreographed as those Bruce Lee movies, with all sorts of finely timed details and little extra jabs for maximum effect. Here's what set off the moping: I am most definitely a silent worrier, a closet hypochondriac extraordinaire who hides all sorts of little pains and lets them magnify and insinuate their way into my brain. Then, just when I'm silently convinced that I have thirteen deadly diseases all at once, a new little twitch or pain will take center stage. Okay, so really, I told you I'm a "closet" hypochondriac. . . I know it, I worry, but I also take my overactive imagination with a huge grain of salt, which turns out to be fairly easy since I don't trust many quacks so I only go for checkups, not weekly medical witch hunts. (oops, sorry, but the diatribe about doctors will just have to wait for another blog; they're not all bad, the good ones are really good) Anyway, I broke one of my contacts late Friday night when I was taking them out. Can't be good, but I really didn't worry too much, just wore my glasses all day Saturday to give my eyes a rest. Then yesterday when I decided to put in contacts, that wasn't happening. Argh! I panicked and moped and just wanted the day to pass so I could call an opthamologist and get an appointment. Which is exactly what I'm getting ready to do. And I imagine that while I'm gone to town for that, the kiddos will be enticing the daddy into playing Bruce Lee games :) Oh, and I'm also pretty certain that I'm going to have the snippet of song running through my head most of the day! "And everybody was kung-fu fighting. . ."

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