Friday, June 15, 2007

...and THANK YOU, Starbucks!

Yep, thanks, Starbucks. Thanks for putting those whole beans in vacuum packs to sell to suckers like me, suckers who don't want to pay $4 a pop for a cup of fancy-dancy, gussied up coffee in a pretty little store (well, if we had a pretty little store with Starbuck's on the sign, I might pay $4 for a cup of fancy-dancy, gussied up coffee once every couple of weeks), suckers who make their own cup of espresso right there on the kitchen counter with a cheap but reliable Krups coffeemaker, suckers who love the smell of freshly ground Sumatra or Gold Coast blend. . . yep, suckers like me who will eventually make the mistake of brewing cup #2 for the day at an ungodly hour like 4 in the afternoon. I say "ungodly hour like 4 in the afternoon" because I have reached the age where a cup of coffee anytime after 2pm is likely to keep me up until an ungodly hour like 4 in the morning. Oh, yeah, thank you, Starbucks! (Hey, I know better, but isn't it more fun to blame mistakes on giant corporations??) So, here I sit squirreled away in the bathroom so I won't wake anyone else. No, I am not sitting on the toilet with my laptop. Let's get serious, I do not have a Y chromosome. And if you do, don't you dare tell me you haven't thought of bringing your laptop to the "library". Heck, you read everything else in the bathroom, why not your emails? Oh, wait, though, this started out as a rant against evil Starbucks, guess I shouldn't start another skirmish in the gender wars just because I'm mad at the coffee bean pushers, huh? So, whatcha wanna talk about at 1 in the morning? Well, while I was lying in bed for the last hour, trying to keep my brain from doing burnouts down the track, I came up with a list of potential topics. Let's see what I can remember:
  • First off, I just got blog-tagged by Lori Greenberg, and I owe her a post with answers to a bunch of fun questions. . . and then I get to publicly "tag" five more people who are supposed to post their answers to those questions! The rest of this list in tonight's blog will be crowding my day tomorrow, so I'm giving fair warning to all potential tag-ees: I will be posting my list Sunday or Monday :) Oh, and I'll try to remember to find the address for Lori's "Gal Lori" blog so you can go check it out yourself. However, at one in the morning, if I attempt to close this window, open another window, get that addy, and get back here, well, you know what's going to happen don't you? Ever get you finger caught in a fast-moving,heavy, old-fashioned window that's been greased up and actually works without shoving and squeaking? So, consider me tagged, Lori, and I'll be out to play just as soon as I can get my chores done :)
  • The sanctuary in the bedroom has expanded a little more since the other day. Katie, bless this child's heart, cleaned up their toy avalanche all by herself last night! That little Bubaru went in that room, started with the toys and papers in her corner and worked her way outward until the whole room was picked up! This was totally unexpected and totally appreciated. James, on the other hand, helped me pick up the living room by slowly picking up an action figure, acting out another Spiderman scene, putting it away, talking to Kate, watching Kate work, drinking his chocolate milk, and meandering back to the living room to pick up another action figure. That boy is going to be a procrastinator after my own heart :)
  • Oh, but Grandma and Granddaddy are coming to visit this weekend, and I still haven't cleared out space in the "empty" bedroom for their air mattress. Please note I use the term "empty" verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry loosely. This would be the place with beads, fountains, rubbermaid boxes, and more beads scattered everywhere. Plus, a little-used treadmill and weight bench, an even less-used glider kind of exercise machine, and all the piles of clothes I wanted to sort out and stash away. This would be Katie's source of old Halloween t-shirts. She is still wearing that size 2T Halloween shirt around the house! Won't give it up. It's been in the high 80's and the 90's outside this week, and she wanted to leave the house wearing the following: that black, long-sleeved Trick or Treat shirt + black knee-high boots + blue jeans + a striped knit hat! It was some sort of hippie gone part-way Goth look.
  • Torching? What's that? You say a beadmaker is supposed to melt glass once in a while? Honestly, I did make two things tonight, but I'm not sure how they'll look when they come out of the kiln. You never know about these things! I made a moon sculpture/face about three weeks ago, and it has been on my counter since then, waiting for me to add the other pieces I made for it. Last night, I made another moon sculpture/face, trying to take that idea somewhere again. Guess what? I grabbed both of those moon faces this evening on a whim, took their picture, and it looks like one is kissing the other on the cheek! Pure accident. Who knew that was how it was meant to turn out? You can see those pics here.
  • Dangit, got distracted. That last paragraph was going to be about the used-but-new-to-me torch I bought week before last! Instead of my Minor Burner, I'm going to try this Betta. It betta be good :) It's supposed to eat a little less oxygen and propane, so I got it in hopes of stretching out my oxygen tank refill funds. It might even work okay with just my oxygen concentrator-- less oxy pouring out, but, hey, all ya gotta do is plug it in. I don't know, though, I think I am hooked on that oxygen tank! Anyway, while Pop is here, he's going to fix a new mount for the Betta. The holes don't line up exactly with the ones already there for the Minor. I'll let ya know what I think after I get a chance to try it.
  • **yawn** oh, boy, I really ought to try to get to sleep. Take care, and Sweet Dreams! Goodnight, Ang

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