Friday, June 22, 2007

Building a Better Mousetrap

Well, who knows what this mousetrap discussion will involve? I'm just a little-bitty bit distracted while I'm writing this. I don't usually play the radio unless I'm driving, just never have been the kind of person who flips on the radio as soon as I come in the house. (T.V. noise might be another story, but that's for another day). Oh, I love lots of different kinds of music-- when I remember to turn it on! Favorite? Gotta be the country classics I listened to growing up. Guess what? I just found this free internet radio service that lets you choose an artist you like, then it plays a whole bunch of similar songs. I have just listened to David Allan Coe's "Tennessee Whiskey", Merle Haggard's "I Wonder If They Ever Think of Me", Alan Jackson's "Little Bitty", Waylon's "Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard", and I've sung along to each one. Ohmygosh, how can you beat a morning with Merle and David Allan? So, what were we talking about? Naw, wait a minute, we gotta talk about this a little more. . . just a second,though, Randy Travis is "Diggin' up Bones". Okay, so that doesn't exactly come from my childhood (neither does Alan Jackson), even though it's now new. Geez, once you hit your 40's, you just never know what's going to pop up and make you feel old! "Storms never last too long, baby..." Waylon and Jessie. "You make the stars want to shine..."

Must concentrate. Must turn off radio, or at least tune it out. Mousetrap. We were gonna talk about Mousetrap. Okay, soooooooooooo, yesterday I got the kiddos the game Mousetrap, you know the one where you have to build this contraption and then roll steel marbles through it to set off a domino-like effect that eventually drops a basket over the mouse. We got started playing, I realized it was going to take a looooooooooong time to play the whole game, the sun was getting ready to set and I still needed to go outside and take pictures, so Mommy abandoned the lesson in patience and just put the thing together. "I was drunk the day my Mom got outta prison, and I went to pick her up in the rain, but before I could get to the station in my pickup truck, she got runned over by a damned old train." Oops, sorry, I love that David Allan Coe song. Anyway, I think the lesson in patience didn't get wholly abandoned, since James sat there for at least another hour and a half playing with it. Katie would stop by the table for a few minutes, help supervise, then go do something else, but the little boy was enthralled with tweaking the contraption.

Wondering why you're reading all this in a beadmaker's blog?? Oh, heck, Mommy is definitely my title around here :) I did put together the soulmates beads that I made to go together, and it made a pretty good sculpture. I might even get the chance to write the eBay listing for it today! You can go here to look at the pics of Slipstream: SoulMates Weaving Through Time.

Speaking of which, I need to get a few things done while the munchkins sleep, so Ta Ta For Now!

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