Monday, June 4, 2007

Feather in the Wind

She's a gentle reminder to slow down and listen to nature.
If you'd like to read her story, I included it in the eBay auction.

I'm really having fun with glass, and now I'm getting the writing bug again, too.
I just can't let any of the beadalinas go up on eBay with a stark description of glass, size, and price. . . dang it, I gotta tell you their stories : )
They each have their own story, too.
This one was just a cool goddess when I was torching her. I wanted her to have that full, substantial body to match her regal spirit. So, she had a personality before she even went into the kiln, but her story came while I was trying to take pictures that would reflect that personality.
Oh, I'd love it if you bookmarked my auctions so you could check them for all the new stories as they come out! I'm working on the newcomer today, so there should be another story by tonight.

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