Friday, June 1, 2007

Feel Driven Up a Wall? Check out Spiderboy & Spidergirl

Oh, no, they're crawling the walls in the Garren household! Spiderboy has been wearing that costume off and on all day long, but especially in the evenings so he and D-A-D can play superheroes and villains. Spidergirl doesn't require a costume. She seems to be satisfied with all the princess dresses, but woe to the D-A-D villain if he ignores her in these games :)

Sometimes lately, I feel like while we're looking for a house, we should also be checking out potential BatCaves and apartments in the big city. . .hmm, guess the kids haven't yet figured out that there is a Metropolis in southern Illinois. If they do, look out, the lobbying for a move there will be intense!

Hey, there's a thought, though! As if our house-hunting isn't already handicapped by our different preferences and the high prices for not-so-high-end houses. Peter Parker's kind of apartment would get a thumbs down from both of us. Neither one of us wants to live in the city. The rest of the negatives would reveal our differences, though. I wouldn't like that the door sticks, but I'd love the aged, worn-in look of Peter Parker's lair. Hubby would like the fact that the door sticks because it would deter potential thieves, but he'd hate the aged look and be covering everything with plastic lest the creepy-crawlies actually crawl out of some of that furniture. Superman's fortress wouldn't suit, either. Biiiiiiiiiiig power bills to keep me warm in the Arctic, and while he might enjoy a cigar outside briefly, the hubby would go stir crazy if he couldn't go outside to play cars in his garage on the weekends. Hmmmm, I'm guessing the Wayne Mansion and BatCave might meet with agreement from both of us, even though it's in the city. Wonderful old architecture with character, and a mega-garage with a very fast car and gadgets. Gotham City, here we come :)

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