Thursday, June 28, 2007

Go Big, Go Bold. . .or Go Home.

Go Big.
Go Bold.
Just Go Home.

Dang, that sounds arrogant, doesn't it? Not really. It's really just something I need to say to myself. You see, yesterday, I was still struggling a bit with finding some focus at the torch. Part of the quandary was about finding a style that really brings in some $, if you must know. I mean after all, who doesn't want to sell lots of their work so they can support their glass habit? The thing is, I haven't been trying hard enough to sell, haven't been putting up alot of stuff for sale either. Part of it is that the summer is always going to be a time when my M-O-M role is foremost so I made a deal with myself to not worry about it too much until school starts in the fall. . .but you know I'm still gonna be thinking about all this stuff :)
But you know what? This morning I opened a fresh bag of Starbucks coffee beans and got to thinking about boldness. See, I like bold flavored espresso, Sumatra usually, but this time I bought the Gold Coast Blend "Extra Bold". So, I'm sitting here with my sadly already empty cup, reading the blurbs on the bag. "A complex, full-bodied and intense blend-- our biggest and boldest offering." Ahhh, this is good stuff, to me. Now, take my mom, she really can't stand to drink coffee like mine. She prefers her Gevalia, already ground, almost caramel colored, very light and gentle on the tongue. Blech to me, delicious to her. . . but isn't that what makes life interesting? Nobody is the same. My aunt likes tea. My Granddaddy stirred up some Folger's that could've eaten the spoon if he'd left it in the cup. My hubby likes the same stuff, but he fixes his in the microwave. My sister pretty much only drinks coffee if she needs help staying awake for the night shift. Uncle James says he likes that black coffee at the local airport, told me when I went that all the real pilots drink it black. I'll bet Pop doesn't drink it black when he's there, bet he reaches for the sweetener and the creamer with no qualms.
Coffee is personal, buddy.
So is art, don't ya think?

So, instead of trying to figure out how to open glass and insert soul into some Gevalia or Folger's flavor art, I think I need to remember that I'm a Starbuck's kinda girl. That would be why I needed to remind myself:

Go Big. Go Bold. . . or Go Home.

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