Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Don't Know What the Answer Is, But the Question is Definitely "Why?!"


You know what? I couldn't even begin to say why. I've just had this idea and its cousins running around my brain for a couple of weeks. A hand, holding a torch and flame. A hand, holding a sword. Morganna, emerging from the middle of the lake to hand Merlin the sword. Then, we took the kiddos to see Shrek the Third, and one of the characters this time is a slightly fried and very loopy Merlin who has retired due to a mental breakdown. Well. Merlin again. Dang it. I haven't read about Camelot since I was in grade school. Shake that off, too many people have done the knights and the fair princesses and the wizards. Yesterday. Coffee shop. Where do they store their life-size, Old World Santa? By the bathroom. My son sees it twice, and each time he calls it something like "Sir Santa-lot".
So, the Round Table it's going to be.
Yesterday afternoon, I googled Morganna and Lady of the Lake because I was getting it all confused in my mind. It has been years since I read all those stories in the library books at Howevalley Elementary School. Well, apparently, there is a reason I was getting it all mixed up-- there are many versions of the stories about the Lady of the Lake and Arthur's sword Excalibur. I stopped reading after the paragraph that said something to the effect that Morganna/Morgan la Fey/Lady of the Lake was Arthur's half sister/mother/aunt.
I also decided to stop reading more because I didn't want to see the pictures. Sometimes, when a theme has been done by so many artists, it's hard to find anything new to add. So, I guess I'm getting closer to answering "WHY?!"

Maybe I just needed to sit down at the torch and experiment with the ideas, and this is what I got. . . and, maybe, that's all the "Why?!" that is required some days?

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