Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Katie! Don't Put Swirls on My Boat!"

We'll get to the story in just a sec. . . I put this pic up and couldn't delete it for some reason.Good grief, I do believe I'm getting my pictures and blog entries all mixed up! Did you see this one from my current eBay listing? Hmmm, might as well give ya the link as long as the pic is up, huh?

Okay, now to the story for the day :) My mom and dad came to visit last weekend, and Granddaddy put together the bunk beds for the kiddos while he was here. What's the best thing about buying furniture, at least to a kid? The box, of course! The pieces to the bunk beds came in one extra long box. Maybe it could've been a longboat or canoe of some sort, but it was really too big to fit anywhere, let alone paddle it through a pretend river. The mattresses came in much more usable boxes. The best part was that they each came in their own box. . . one for each kid. First, we had rocketships in the living room. Mommy had to cut out doors and windows, and the rocketships had to lay horizontally, forget about the blasting off. Well, James and Katie both ate part of their lunch in space, watched a little Cartoon Network in space, and surveyed the Garren universe from space. Then, they got tired of being astronauts. Next came a scuffle and a smashed box. Oh, boy, what an argument! James "won" this one since he squashed Kate's rocketship into a lopsided mess. He would have gotten in much more trouble for this if Kate hadn't spent the entire week tormenting him. You know, sometimes those Mommy eyes in the back of my head ignore some of the things they see. But, as with any kids, nothing is ever "evened out", there's always another transgression. James went a little overboard gloating, so I made them share the remaining box. Ah, things settled down for a bit. The remaining box became a boat, and the sailors decided it needed a new coat of paint. Now, everybody knows that evil pirate MOM isn't going to allow actual paint on the carpet, but markers oughtta work just as well, right? And they did. . . until Katie decided to draw one of her favorite patterns just a smidge too close to James' Spiderman sticker: "Katie! Don't! Put! Swirls! on! My! Boat!"

Oh, my, my little artist rocked the boat literally and figuratively with that one! You know I saw deeper meaning, too, don't ya?
  1. For all of you who don't want anything new on your boat-- Lighten up, live a little, and just remember it'll still sail the same whether or not it has a swirl on it.
  2. For all of you who just can't resist pushing the boundaries even when you're supposed to be sharing the boat-- Lighten up, take yourself a little less seriously, and don't forget that if you push too hard to one side you just might capsize the boat.

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