Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Know Why They Call These "Suspension" Bridges?

I've driven by this suspension bridge for years, but yesterday we stopped and checked it out. Now, after standing in the middle of that thing on a windy day, I know why it's called a "suspension" bridge-- You have to suspend your belief that it's going to fall, or you would go crazy standing there! HA!! And my sister wants to know if I'd like to go with her and a group of her wild women coworkers when they go to the Grand Canyon, something about a place where you can walk out over the canyon on a glass bottom bridge or some such nonsense?? Um, yeah. If I get to go along, maybe I'll stand a good 10 or 20 feet back from the "edge" and hold the purses. Somebody's gonna have to hold the purses, right?
Well, this suspension bridge also made me wonder about another bridge. See, this one just spans the relatively small Kaskaskia River. Okay, so estimation of distance is another one of my downfalls (nice pun when we're talking about standing in the middle of a swaying bridge, huh?), otherwise, I'd tell you about how long this bridge is. Anyway, I've been to San Francisco, but not on the Golden Gate Bridge. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that bridge and found out it is not "golden". Nowadays, though, I think my bigger concern, should I ever return to the Bay area, would be whether I would have to use that Golden Gate Bridge to get anywhere. . . hey, this little bridge was swaying in the wind yesterday, so how much sway happens on a bridge that's at least ten or twenty times bigger?? Suddenly, John
Anderson's song is playing in my head. "Just a swannnnnnnnng-in'!" Good grief!
As you can see from that picture at the very top of this post, though, the concept of a large, should-be immobile structure moving under his feet didn't phase my son. Know what he's doing? He's bending down so he can look through the cracks to the water below! Let me tell ya, I did take camera and beads along yesterday so I could work, too. I succeeded in taking two pictures of my Pandora's Other Box and Beads----- right smack dab in the middle of the bridge! However, since taking a closeup of those beads laying in the middle of the bridge required me to focus the camera while staring down into the cracks at the water below. . . well, let's just say those pictures oughtta add about $1000 to the price of those beads, just from sheer effort :)

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Joan Elliott said...

Hey, I know that bridge...I have been on it and I know just how big? it is!! You need to get out more. You want to sway in the wind, go to the top of the Arch on a windy day!! How Ya doing? Love your new works. The middle aged woman with the lint is nice. Don't try to get it out. Everyone knows that when you're middle aged, you're bound to have a little naval lint once in a while!!