Friday, June 29, 2007

Moonlit Musings

It's a beautiful full moon. The smell of just rained on dirt is still in the air, even though the last rain was much earlier today. MeatyHead the tomcat is sitting guard on the edge of my patio chair. Cars are passing both directions on the four lane highway about a half mile east of here. Someone across the tracks has some of the "legal" fireworks popping now and again. The insects are humming. Considering how dry it was until the last couple of days, the corn is probably growing an inch even as we speak. I do know it has started tassling, and the very light tassles floating across the top of the sea of green corn leaves made a wonderfully organic and repetitive pattern this afternoon.
It's kind of strange to think that I came outside to look at the moon but brought along my laptop, huh? It's just that this is a peaceful time of the evening, the mosquitoes don't particularly crave my blood type, the air is unusually crisp for the last of June, and I just couldn't stay inside.
Luna is over my shoulder now, peeking through the trees, gently bathing the landscape in light and shadow. The bullfrogs have gotten quiet, or maybe just the biggest ones have gone to sleep and I can't hear the smaller ones from here.
It is a beautiful night, and beautiful to be able to listen to the night sounds singing their lullaby.
Goodnight, and Sweet Dreams

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