Saturday, June 9, 2007

Off for Another Day of Adventure!

Hey, everybody, it's 6:15 a.m. here in the house beside the never-ending cornfield. It looks like the perfect day for adventure and exploring.

Truthfully, though, most people wouldn't consider our "adventure" or "exploring" earth-shatteringly exciting, but we are having fun! The mountains we climb are metal and have steps up one side and a slide down the other.

We keep all six of our collective eyes open for real rabbits, deer, squirrels, big birds (i.e. "those big birds that like to eat dead stuff smoooshed on the road"), and the occasional coyote or fox. However, we are also happy to sit a spell with gigantic bunny rabbits that don't mind giving you a ride.

And, let's face facts. The motorcycles we ride have springs to increase the bounce factor, not springs/shocks to absorb the bumps of the road!

Ah, but we have to go exploring every day now that school is out for the summer! Today's "adventure" involves going by Java Joe's Coffee House in Centralia. Then, we might have to go check out some more stuff in the museum. Who knows what we'll find?!

Oh, and the Mommy will be working on another auction listing for AngelinaBeadalina's eBay and adding some new pics in her gallery pages. . . Just had to let you know that the adventuring and exploring are at the beginning of the list :) Peace, Ang

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