Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oh, Puck!

Sorry, couldn't resist-- this guy's name really is Puck, as in the mischievous imp who's been the jester in the King of the Forest's court, as in the household helper who causes chaos and does little chores to help out in the still of the night. I think I could use a little household imp, you know? Hey, I'm already used to not being able to find things when I need them, so that shouldn't slow me down any. However, that bit about completing little chores while everyone else sleeps is really intriguing me! Hmmm, wonder if it's just little bitty things like sewing on a button here and there, or if it's bigger things like, oh, say, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets? Maybe just one cabinet?? You know, the one with all the pots and pans stacked haphazardly into a potential avalanche of aluminum, steel, and pyrex? The one that occasionally lets out a tinny sounding burp at night as a pan shifts? You know, I'm getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past the need to accumulate things, but I'm just not quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite to the point where I can face choosing which things to keep out of all the stuff I already have. I mean, really, how can you throw away something you might need later? I keep mentioning that 10 year old bottle of etching cream that I found last year and used without mishap. Now, how about that? Put something away in the craft stash, and it's like finding treasure years later when you actually do pull it out and use it. Of course, one bottle of etching cream might not be enough to balance all the other stuff that hasn't found a use yet! Oops, better run before this conversation goes any further. . . Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Teresa said...

Hi angie, he's fantastic! I love his color and wow, those ears!

I enjoy your blog, just wanted to let you know I was reading :)