Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Sanctuary. It's the new word in our house. We're all four such packrats that we have stuff everywhere, and I do mean ev-er-y-where! Toys that don't fit into toyboxes. Drawings that have to be saved because "that's me as Spiderman, Mom". Barbie clothes and Halloween t-shirts two sizes too small. Shoes and battery chargers and unread newspapers "that I'm going to get to, so don't move them, Bunny." Books stacked sideways and two or three layers deep in the "Chinese" cabinet. It's all good stuff, stuff we enjoy, stuff we can use at some point (except the too tiny Trick or Treat shirt that someone wore when she was 2-- she's 5 now), stuff that's fun or practical or both. . . but it's stuff. Too much stuff. I know I've talked about it many times. Doing the talkin', ain't been doing the walkin' to the trash can or donation center! Sooooooooooo, how does the word "sanctuary" fit into a cluttered home like this? Heck, I'm not sure how I wedged those four extra syllables in the door, but I did it. You probably should stand back just a second while I do a happy dance-- I wouldn't want to accidentally poke you in the eye, it's crowded in here, ya know :)

Okay, done with the happy dance for a minute. The "sanctuary" is the bedroom, and all extra stuff has been banished unless it fits in with the new description of the room. That means the tabletop fountain and a vase with leaves that make an umbrella over it are in, but the Rubbermaid storage chests are out. A few silk lilies and a Ganesh bead sculpture on a round stand are in, but the extra socks and shoes and sundry other things that gravity relentlessly pulled to the floor are out. Grandma's rocking chair and a basket for books are in, but haphazard avalanches-waiting-to-happen stacks of books on the headboard are out.
Now, we have an open, sunny space and the sound of water trickling in the fountain. We have Mommy in the rocking chair (unless Katie beats her to it and makes a cozy bed with pillow tucked behind her back and comforter wrapped around her feet). We have little people who are trying to say "sanc-tu-ar-y" without tripping over the syllables-- they're smart kids but that one was definitely a new word. I told them about how Tibetan Buddhists believe chanting the mantra "Om mani padme hum" brings the whole world closer to peace and enlightenment with every repetition. . . and how I just like the relaxing sound of it. They are really getting into this peaceful sanctuary idea. Last night, Katie arranged her rocking chair spot and sat there singing a lilting little song of made up words. James sat on the bed, grinning and practicing saying "sanc-tu-ar-y" in a melodramatic voice.

Heehee, glad they're in a good mood, because their toy room is next in line for the cleaning up! I'll let you know if we make any progress. . . and if we don't, I'll probably keep my mouth shut about it for a few days. Hey, this un-packratting business is a challenge, ya know ; )

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