Monday, June 11, 2007

What Would You Keep in This Trinket Box?

Okay, let's get the shameless commercial out of the way, then we can talk :) Actually, she's not listed on eBay yet, but I'm going to try to write and schedule the listing when I'm done here so that she'll show up later this afternoon. You can just click on this sentence to check my auctions :)

So, what would you keep in this trinket box? I've been thinking about this question for a few minutes now. . . walked away, fixed my coffee, started the bacon, and still the same answer: I'd put notes in it. Little notes from people I love. Just like I don't think computers and the internet will ever replace the library and books you can hold in your hand, I don't think emails will ever replace a handwritten "I love you".

While I'm writing this, I'm thinking about the different styles of handwriting of all the people I love. My dad and my husband both print alot. Pop's is very precise, very uniform. You can tell he's done plenty of drafting and adding revisions to blueprints in his lifetime. Ricky's has that same masculine look to it, but it's a little looser and rounder than Pop's printing. . . makes you wonder if there isn't a teeny bit of defiance of authority embedded in his printing. I'm betting that whichever nun taught first grade in 1969, she didn't encourage her charges if they added an extra long tail on the "Y" or a little flip up at the end of a "u" or "d". My mom's handwriting is the most graceful and fluid writing I've ever seen, short of calligraphy. When I was in second grade, I couldn't wait to start penmanship because I wanted to be able to write in cursive like my mom. My handwriting changes depending on whether I've been writing a little or a lot or not much at all, but I think it can be almost as graceful as my mom's. Almost, but not quite. My sister and brother have such similar handwriting that I often can't tell which is which unless I'm looking at writing from both of them. If I can compare them, I can pick out Soupie's rounder letters and Bubby's pointed-at-the-bottom "W"'. Well, sometimes. Soupie might read this and send me an email telling me I got it backwards.

Well, talk about your rambling! I can amble off in just about any direction at any given time! I've finished my coffee. I do love espresso, but it sure doesn't last long for sippin', even when I nurse it along until it's cold. The bacon is done. Actually, the bacon has been done twice. James ate all of the first little batch, so I fixed a bit more for me. Guess it's time to say, "Hey, hope your Monday is a wonderful day, too. . . one with nothing to worry about except whether you can picture your sweetie's handwriting in your mind." Peace, Ang

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