Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Flower RingHolder Bead

You're never too old to want to make (or pick) a flower for your mom! The thing is that I am flower-challenged. I can't grow real ones because I plant them and then promptly forget about them. If I did have a green thumb, I'd have a blast just choosing all sorts of perennials for sun and shade! Hey, here's a very colorful selection of the Creme de la Creme of Perennials 2007 (you'll have to keep clicking on the pictures to get through them, but it's worth the extra movement). So, yeah, if I had a green thumb, I'd be choosing all sorts of lilies and hollyhocks and ornamental grasses and hostas and all those gorgeous bulb plants you might find in your grandma's backyard. Big sigh. . . I just don't even try encased florals in glass, either. Sculpting is my thing because you can just keep on piling on the glass and shoving it around until you get what you want. Unfortunately, the fearless gusto that makes me a good sculptor does not translate to the lighter-handed finesse and patience required for making encased florals beads. My cousin makes gorgeously luscious florals, though, so if you'd like some floral eye-candy, just go visit Oh, and did you know that Sheila Morley has been sculpting some lilies on focal beads lately?

Ummm, yeah, we were gonna talk about my version of florals, weren't we? Well, needless to say, my version involves the characteristics "big" and "functional". This is my first ringholder bead done in a lily petal style. This one is definitely just an experiment in size and shape. I like the size of the bowl part, and I like the size of the petals. Next time, I'll have to try to melt everything smooth instead of going with the layered look. Then, the next step would be adding stringer stripes down the middle of all those bold petals. Until then, Grandma gets this one to put in the window over the sink : )

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