Tuesday, July 3, 2007

If I Only Had a Brain. . .

If I only had a brain, said the Scarecrow.
Hmmm, I wonder why this attempt at a jester made me think of the Wizard of Oz?
Did I ever tell you that one of the highlights of my high school trip to Washington, D.C., was seeing Dorothy's ruby red slippers on display in the Smithsonian? I'm not a true Wizard of Oz junkie because about the only quote I can get remotely right is, "I'm melting, I'm melting." Still, I did watch it every year when I was a kid. Do you remember those days, the days when black and white televisions weren't uncommon and when movies and specials might only run once each year? Oh, I loved knowing it was fall and that Dorothy and the horse of another color would be on television soon.
Today, I was supposed to be in Kentucky, visiting with everyone at the annual cookout/fireworks at my mom and dad's house. Another thing I look forward to every year, but this year just wasn't happening for me. There's a comfort in knowing that everyone else will be there if they can, though. Just like being a teenager and still waiting for the Wizard of Oz but not being crestfallen if I did miss it. . . because I knew it would come again.
Oh, and the glass jester in the picture? I never did make a turquoise or nile green face for him, but I also couldn't bring myself to throw him away. Guess what? Yet another one of those moon faces that didn't work out for the Moon Glow sculpture works with the jester body in a funny kind of way. Can't wait to figure how to finish that one like I can picture it in my mind!
So, now, I better get going, but I want to give you a few links before I go:
  • Watch Me Create is a team blog about the creative process, and I'm lucky enough to have joined it. My introductory post is the entry for today. I think the next post I submit for it will be about the jester bead sculpture and the train of thought that took me to it. Hope you'll go check out some of the cool artists and their experiments and ideas!
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website-- this is one I just googled a minute ago, so I can't guarantee what you will or won't find there, but it sure looks interesting! Hey, I got to thinking about the Wizard of Oz, couldn't help it :)
  • BeadArtists.org has a huge collection of beadartists' individual picture galleries. That's where I usually send you to see my latest glass creations, and it's where over 300 other fabulous lampworkers show their stuff! Of course, I'd love to have you look around my gallery pages while you are there, but the point is that it's a terrific resource for everyone who loves to look at beads or make beads. I try to spread the word about that site as often as possible because it just can't be beat as a place to archive your own work and to look at what everyone else is creating.

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