Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just the other day, someone at Lampwork Etc. asked the question, "What's on your desk?"
Well, I got distracted and never posted a reply, but I did take a couple of pictures of the front left-hand corner of my humongous desk. These were all the little projects that were on my mind at the time, so you can look for them to appear soon in my Etsy shop. . . well, as soon as I get them done :)
So, what do we have here? Let's go clockwise from the red dragon, shall we? The red dragon is a on a wooden book/treasure box that I'm planning on using as a home for either the Fate in All Her Mystery bead sculpture or for the Hand of Fate bead sculpture (can't link you to that one since I haven't put it in the gallery pics yet). The designs are woodburned on the box, and let me tell ya, I never realized before now how hard it would be to try to follow my sketched design lines with the woodburner. The dragon is a loose sketch of a gorgeously done dragon on a gift book I bought at the bookstore last week. There's an enchanted Tree of Life on the spine, a palm on the front (Katie's traced hand), and lots of spiritual and mystical symbols scattered here and there. I hope when it's done that it will make you think of gypsy fortunetellers and wise old women who see inside your heart.
Okay, the rectangular woodburned box has the symbols for "Om mani padme hum" on the top, front, and back panels. It is just the right size for storing the Prayer Wheel Relic bead from a few weeks ago. I'm thinking I'll just finish it with some tung oil to give it a nice smooth feel.
See the face on the gray rock? Peeking out from behind the edge of that box? That's a rock my mom found last week among all the landscape rocks. Somebody, somewhere, had drilled a hole in it. So, I used one of the bits that came with my cheapo-generic-dremel-tool and sketched a face on it.
Now, the shelf and the beads all go together, but I'm not telling you how just yet-- when I finally figure it all out, it's going to be one of those things that you either "get" or "don't get". . . but if you do "get it," you'll enjoy a good laugh at the finished piece.
Alright, there ya go, that's what's on my desk. We won't even speak of what's on my workbench because that be a tangled mess o' glass rods and stringers and tools.
Have a terrific Saturday!

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