Saturday, July 28, 2007

M-o-m! We Need You to Feed Our Webkinz!

Okay, this is not a Webkinz. . . she is just the last bead I have torched this week. You can see more pics in my gallery at

Then, what the heck is a Webkinz, you ask? Well, just in case you have children who don't already spend too much time online or gaming, why not get them one of these evil little creatures that requires you to take care of them in cyberspace? This last sentence is spoken with Terry and Eileen Bill in mind, precisely because they are the ones who bought the little creatures for our children yesterday. Of course, they were doing me a huge favor and babysitting at the time, so maybe, just maybe, they will be forgiven soon :)
Now, here's what I think about "GorillaMan" and "Kaitlyn" so far:
  • Both James and Katie are taking very good care of their cyberpets. They are feeding the gorilla and the dog good food. They are taking them to the exercise room to jump and run. They are putting them to bed for a good night's rest before they logout.
  • Ricky is going to have a kiniption fit over this gift (however, since T. Bill is sort of his mentor and a good friend, he won't be able to squawk too loudly). He already complains about kids who get too wrapped up in video games, surfing the web, etc. Sort of a conundrum for him, though, since he also tends to make light of liberal arts majors (i.e. me, his wife) who don't have marketable skills for the job world. . . guess ya can't get much more marketable in today's world than knowing about the in's and out's of computers/internet, huh? Hmmm. . . can't wait to see his reaction when he gets home. Hey, the good thing is these pets don't eat any real-life Dog Chow or Gorilla Chow :)
  • GorillaMan and Kaitlyn are kind of addicting, even to a grownup! Katie had Eileen learning to play cyber-miniature golf yesterday, just to help win more webkinz$ to spend on her cute little white terrier Kaitlyn. I don't think I ever saw Terry on the computer when I got back to their office, but he sure was paying attention to everything James did for Gorillaman. Me? How about me? Yep, I have fed them and talked to them since we brought them home. I keep telling the kiddos that they can't take over my laptop, but I do feel a twinge of guilt when Gorillaman hasn't been fed for a while. . .

Well, that's all for now. Oh, wait a sec, Ma and Pop were going to a birthday party for my cousin Jeff's wife this afternoon, so everybody join me in saying
Happy 40th, Kim!

Alright, now, that's all for today! Sorry to be a slacker on keeping in touch the last few days. Talk to ya tomorrow, Ang

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